Bay City Rowing Club

Welcome to BCRC!

Off Until Spring

Our boathouse and all rowing activities are closed during the winter and early spring months. We typically resume regular rowing in April every year, and are excited for the 2017 season. If you’re interested in our Learn to Row program, drop us a line anytime so that we can contact you when dates are set for 2017 Learn-to-Row classes! Classes filled up fast last year so we encourage you to join an early waiting list. Contact Us

Why Rowing?

Rowing provides a unique opportunity to combine strength, coordination and finesse. It can be challenging and relaxing at the same time, both mentally and physically.

A Customizable Experience

Our members pursue rowing for very different purposes, and that’s ok! Some members row for leisure, some use it as their main fitness activity and others enjoy competing in regattas (rowing races). Young or old, new or experienced, we do our best to accommodate different rowing preferences.

Full Body Workout

Rowing is a full-body activity that works muscle groups in the legs, core, arms and back. At BCRC, our main priority is providing an environment where each individual can enjoy the sport and remain safe. Working within each rowers physical limits, we want to help individuals refine their skills and strengthen their bodies.

A Low-Impact Sport

Unlike some physical sports like tennis or running that can cause serious impact stress on joints over time, rowing provides excellent exercise with very little impact. Water is the perfect natural resistance medium to build strength and cardiovascular endurance while still offering elasticity for low impact movements.

Outdoors Recreation

Rowing will give you a unique experience of enjoying the outdoors while still exercising your body and working as a team. Why workout staring at a blank wall when you can be on the water, watching bald eagles flying over the Saginaw River or rowing through downtown Bay City?

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

If you are a new rower interested in trying the sport for the first time, check out our Learn to Row program for more information. If you have rowing experience and are looking to get back into the sport, or you are new to the region and are looking for a local club to connect with, you can read about our Membership levels. You can also Contact Us to set up a time to stop by our boathouse for a tour and a chat. We would love to meet you!

Latest Updates

Wah Wah Sum Featured in MCFTA Exhibit

Wah Wah Sum Featured in MCFTA Exhibit

The Wah Wah Sum, our trustworthy, iron-clad eight shell, was recently delivered to Midland Center for the Arts. The shell is part of an upcoming exhibit on water-related artwork, photography and artifacts that will run from January 14 through April 2. Some of the exhibit features are: Sandra Gottlieb: October Waves (photography) Water, Rain and Fog (artwork) Contemporary Masters of Marine Painting Waves of Art: […]

2016 Rowing Logbook

2016 Rowing Logbook

Once again, Mike L. has graciously compiled all of the written log entries for the 2016 season into an Excel document for the club. Here are some fun facts from the 2016 log: Our rowing season lasted 206 days Jill W. was the first entry on April 15 Bill E. was the last entry on November 7 458 line entries (1 line entry indicates a session […]

We’re Working On a New Website!

We’re Working On a New Website!

Thanks for your patience while we get the new website completed. In the meantime, you can visit our Facebook page to learn more about BCRC.