The Wah Wah Sum eight shell sits on display at MCFTA

The Wah Wah Sum, our trustworthy, iron-clad eight shell, was recently delivered to Midland Center for the Arts. The shell is part of an upcoming exhibit on water-related artwork, photography and artifacts that will run from January 14 through April 2. Some of the exhibit features are:

  • Sandra Gottlieb: October Waves (photography)
  • Water, Rain and Fog (artwork)
  • Contemporary Masters of Marine Painting
  • Waves of Art: Nautical Artifacts & History

We encourage everyone to visit the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art (at MCFTA) for this exhibit. Many thanks to the BCRC members who helped out during the load, transportation and unloading of the Wah Wah Sum.

Interesting facts about the Wah Wah Sum:

  • Wah Wah Sum is a Chippewa phrase meaning “lightning on the water”
  • The shell is named after the first rowing club on the Saginaw River. The Wah Wah Sum Boat Club was created circa 1870
  • The shell is 57 feet long and weighs roughly 300 lbs. Modern eight shells, by comparison, weigh only 200 lbs.
  • The Wah Wah Sun was purchased by BCRC in 1988 from the University of Michigan Crew Club. Over 1,000 volunteer hours were spent restoring and cleaning the shell for use on the water

Exhibit information at

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