Bay City Rowing Club

About the Sport of Rowing

Rowing is an amazing sport and recreational activity that provides a unique opportunity to combine strength, coordination and finesse. It can be challenging and relaxing at the same time!

Should I Learn to Row?

Yes!!! There are many reasons why rowing is the perfect sport. Some row for fun, some use it as a fitness activity, others like the team aspect and some enjoy competing in regattas (races). Young or old, new or experienced, there are many options for participation in a rowing club!

Rowing gets you in good shape!

Rowing is a fitness activity that uses muscle groups throughout the entire body.  Muscles in your legs, core, arms and back are all activated through the rowing motion. Rowers can refine their skills and strengthen their bodies while working within their own physical limits.

Rowing is a low-impact sport!

Unlike other physical sports like tennis or running that can cause serious impact stress on joints over time, rowing provides excellent exercise with very little impact. Water is the perfect resistance medium to build strength and cardiovascular endurance with low impact movements that also help maintain flexibility. 

Rowing gets you outdoors!

Rowing gets you outside to enjoy the wildlife with others rowers all the while exercising your body! It is a real treat following bald eagles nesting on the Saginaw River and identifying the many types of birds and animals in and around the river.

New rowers welcome!

If you are a new rower interested in trying the sport for the first time, our Learn to Row program is for you! If you have rowing experience and are looking to get back into the sport or new to the region and looking for a local club to connect with, see our Membership options. You can also Contact Us to set up a time to stop by our boathouse for a tour and a chat. We would love to meet you.

Physical Address

350 West Lafayette Avenue
Bay City, MI 48706

(Across from the Boys & Girls Club
of the Great Lakes Bay Region)

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P.O. Box 615
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