Rowing in a single scull

About the Sport of Rowing

Rowing is an amazing sport and recreational activity that provides a unique opportunity to combine strength, coordination and finesse. It can be challenging and relaxing at the same time, both mentally and physically.

Should I Start Rowing?

Yes!!! Here are four reasons why rowing is the perfect sport.

Rowing is Customizable

People like to row for different reasons. Some of our members row for fun, some use it as a core fitness activity and others enjoy competing in regattas (races). Young or old, new or experienced, we do our best to accommodate different preferences for how you want to participate with the club.

Rowing Is Healthy

Rowing is an extremely healthy activity that uses muscle groups throughout the entire body. Muscles in your legs, core, arms and back are all activated through the rowing motion. At BCRC, our main priority is providing an environment where each person can enjoy the sport and remain safe. We want to help each person refine their skills and strengthen their bodies, while working within each rower’s physical limits.

Rowing is a Low-Impact Sport

Unlike other physical sports like tennis or running that can cause serious impact stress on joints over time, rowing provides excellent exercise with very little impact. Water is the perfect resistance medium to build strength and cardiovascular endurance while still offering elasticity for low impact movements.

Rowing Gets you Outdoors

Do you sit in an office all day long? Sick of working out indoors staring at a wall or tv? Rowing gets you outside and on the water while still exercising your body and working as a team. We prefer watching bald eagles flying over the Saginaw River or gliding through downtown Bay City.

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

If you are a new rower interested in trying the sport for the first time, check out our Learn to Row program for information on how to get involved. If you have rowing experience and are looking to get back into the sport, or you are new to the region and are looking for a local club to connect with, you can read about our Membership levels. You can also Contact Us to set up a time to stop by our boathouse for a tour and a chat. We would love to meet you!

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