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Boathouse and Gazebo Renovation

The Bay City Rowing Club (BCRC) boathouse, owned by the City of Bay City and leased to the Rowing Club, was built in the early 1990’s. Members of BCRC recently completed a renovation project. The boathouse exterior had fallen into disrepair and the roof and upper windows had been leaking for many years.  Though many attempts were made over the years to stop the leaks, the water caused significant damage to the interior of the boathouse. 

In 2016, BCRC took over responsibility from the City of Bay City for maintenance of the boathouse building and started fundraising and planning for boathouse renovation. 

  Thanks to the generosity of BCRC members, friends of the rowing club, as well as support from the Dow Corning Foundation, we were able to begin a major renovation in 2019!  

BCRC members volunteered their time and worked extensively on the exterior of the lower level of the boathouse, repairing rotten wood, sanding, priming and painting the structure to match the original colors.  The upper level of the boathouse was painted by 360 Painting of Sterling, MI. 

Integral Builders, LLC, of Clare, MI, then installed a new copper metallic steel roof and new vinyl windows with new wood framing.  The rotten upper plywood gables and design panels were covered with attractive slanted vinyl siding. The chimney, which had been a source of chronic water leaks, was removed. The furnace, originally intended to heat the locker rooms but inaccessible for maintenance and not used for over 10 years, was decommissioned and removed.  The gas water heater and locker room fans exhaust vents were relocated. 

The interior of the boathouse was renovated in 2020.  Drywall damage in the locker rooms and office was repaired by Vern Pococke Builders, Saginaw, MI.  BCRC members removed all light fixtures and cleaned, inspected, replaced and/or rewired the existing fixture for LED operation.  The exterior BCRC signs were repainted by Amy and Mike Lafferty and installed on the outside of the boathouse.

The gazebo overlooking the Saginaw River, a companion structure to the boathouse, had also fallen into disrepair.  In 2020, funding for this renovation was received from the Kantzler Foundation with a matching donation from Greg Dickson and Susan Hearn, long time members and benefactors of the Bay City Rowing Club.  Club members once again volunteered considerable time repairing, sanding, priming and painting the gazebo.  Craig Banes, a supporting member, did extensive repairs on the posts and railings due to extreme weathering.  Integral Builders perfectly matched the gazebo’s upper sections and roof to the newly updated boathouse. 

Many Bay City Rowing Club members and friends contributed funds and/or their time in planning, fundraising, assisting with rowing programs (source of revenue), and physically working on this extensive renovation project.

The Bay City Rowing Club members are extremely proud of what was accomplished, and are happy to contribute to the beautification of the Bay City Riverfront

Boathouse Back View
Boathouse - Before
Boathouse Renovation

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