Rigging a four shell at a regatta

What are regattas?

Regattas are boat races, where teams race similar rowing shells against each other. Rowing clubs across Michigan host regattas every year, and BCRC has members that participate in almost every Michigan regatta, and even in some that are out-of-state. Some regattas are “sprint” races that are shorter distance (1000 meters). Later in the fall, regattas are often “head” races that are longer (3000-5000 meters).

Regatta Participation

Racing is certainly not mandatory for BCRC members, but we would recommend that everyone try it at least once or twice. We attend regattas first and foremost to have fun! They are enjoyable events that are lighthearted and full of camaraderie. We carpool together, develop friendships, watch races and have fun rowing against other clubs. Our crews compete in various categories, sometimes racing against top college teams (yes, we expect to lose), but often racing against other recreational clubs (and we often medal!).

Fun and Educational

Even if you don’t wish to be competitive about rowing, racing in a regatta will help improve your technique and body mechanics, as well as notch up your exercise regimen and improve your team rowing performance. We organize boats several weeks in advance of a regatta, which gives crew members time to practice together. This practice can be very educational for both new and seasoned rowers  because it challenges you to hone your rowing technique.

2017 Regattas

The Grand Regatta

Sunday, June 25
Grand Rapids, MI
Type: Sprint (1000 meters)

Michigan Club Invitational Regatta

Saturday, July 22
Ann Arbor, MI
Type: Sprint (1000 meters)

Frogtown Regatta

Saturday, September 23
Toledo, OH
Type: Head (4828 meters)

Fountain Point Masters Classic

Saturday, October 29 (date not yet verified)
Lake Leelanau, MI
Type: Head (3000 meters)

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