We’re long overdue to congratulate our Ann Arbor racers for a great regatta! More than racing, regattas are great opportunities to hone our skills, develop friendships and having a good time rowing.


The Mixed Novice/Recreational 8+ took 2nd place out of 5 boats with a time of 3:56:7.
Crew: Cameron, Michelle, Jim, CJ, Jay, Lora, Lisa, Alicia and Larry (c0x).

The Men’s Novice/Recreational 4+ took 2nd place out of 3 boats with a time of 4:03.4.
Crew: Cameron, CJ, Jay, Jim and Alicia (cox).

The Mixed Open 4+ rounded out last place against 8 other boats with a time of 4:46.1.
Crew: Jay, Lora, Lisa, Larry and Alicia (cox).




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